Injured By A Dangerous Or Defective Product?

When you buy a product, you trust it will function as intended when used correctly. You expect it will have reasonable safety features and adequate warnings about foreseeable dangers.

Yet sometimes manufacturers cut corners. When their negligence results in injuries — or tragic loss of life — they must be held accountable.

Handling Individual And Class-Action Claims

At Ball & Bonholtzer, a Pasadena-based law firm, our practice is founded on the twin pillars of personal injury representation and consumer protection. Products liability is a niche area that involves both. Whether your injury was due to a single product that came off the assembly line with a defect that went unnoticed, or one with dangers that impacted numerous consumers, we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in both individual and class action claims. We handle cases involving a broad range of products such as:

  • Prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and other pharmaceutical products
  • Medical devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, implants and insulin pumps
  • Power tools such as drills, saws and nail guns
  • Landscaping equipment such as lawn mowers, weed whackers, trimmers and chainsaws
  • Products with harmful or hazardous packaging material

Pinpointing Negligence

Negligence — that is, failure to uphold reasonable standards of care — is the foundation of any injury claim. In cases involving dangerous products, a thorough investigation is essential for pinpointing responsibility. Contributing factors might include:

  • Failure to provide clear and effective warnings for consumers
  • Failure to conduct adequate safety testing
  • Failure to properly inspect products before they hit the shelves
  • Failure to issue prompt recalls when dangers come to light

Multiple parties might have played a role — for example, the manufacturer, distributor and retailer, depending on whether they were aware of the danger (or should have been).

Why Consider A Claim? By pursuing compensation, you can not only alleviate the financial strain of an injury or loss, but also bring attention to the careless practices on the part of those responsible.

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