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Top swimmer sues attorney for legal malpractice

Some may be surprised that lawyers can be sued by their clients much like doctors can. But a dramatic California case recently concluded, illustrating some facets of legal malpractice.

The case’s complex court battles involved an athlete, once among America’s top young swimmers and a fast-rising star, who missed out on two opportunities of a lifetime. Besides features of legal malpractice, the case also illustrates some dos and don’ts of negotiating a contract.

Get help with your catastrophic injury case

Catastrophic injuries are any injuries that severely impact your life. They might include things like traumatic brain injuries or incomplete or complete spinal cord injuries. Something to remember about these injuries is that they're so severe that they are also bound to be expensive.

As someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury, you need to be prepared to fight for the compensation you need to care for yourself and adjust to your new disabilities. Whether you've lost your arms and legs, been badly burned or have paralysis or brain injuries that you have to learn to live with, the right claim can make things easier for you.

Three common habits that can make your jog dangerous

Jogging can be a great way to stay fit. However, many joggers do not realize that they may be inadvertently risking their own safety. Some habits common among joggers could actually increase a jogger’s odds of being hit by a car.

In 2017, almost 6,000 pedestrians died in traffic crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, this does not mean you need to forgo your daily exercise. Avoiding dangerous habits can help you stay safe on your jog.

Man dies in construction accident and draws attention to hazards

When construction accidents happen, they can maim and kill. The use of heavy equipment on construction sites makes it more likely for people to be badly hurt if they're involved in an accident than if they were in an accident elsewhere.

Take, for example, this case involving a worker who was killed in Berkeley. The man, a foreman, was taking measurements on a staircase when a carpenter dropped a nail gun above him. That nail gun fell over three flights before hitting the man on his head. His hard hat was knocked off his head, and he fell nearly 10 feet onto a concrete floor.

Tips to prevent distracted driving

Distracted driving has developed into one of the most significant issues in the nation. It has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. This is largely a result of the wide range of distractions available in contemporary society.

Approximately nine people lose their lives because of distracted driving every day. Fortunately, preventing this issue is relatively simple. It is easier said than done but understanding how to properly handle distractions can make a big difference in ending this problem.

Tips for safely sharing the roads with trucks

Driving alongside semi-trucks is a daily part of life on California roads. As a driver, you may become so accustomed to sharing the roads with large trucks, buses and more that you may disregard critical safety tips for driving alongside a vehicle much larger than your own.

Accidents involving large or commercial vehicles can be severe, resulting in catastrophic or fatal injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), paralysis, injuries to the neck or spinal cord and more. In heavy traffic, poor weather, road construction, a hilly route or more, driving alongside trucks can be even riskier. What should drivers consider when approaching a commercial vehicle?

Catastrophic injuries: Know what you can expect

Catastrophic injuries are different than other kinds because they leave you with devastating damage to your mind or body. You might have a traumatic brain injury, paralysis or have to go through an amputation. Catastrophic injuries often result in permanent disability.

To bring a catastrophic injury case, you'll need to do a few things. First, you have to show that you were hurt by the other party as a result of their error. For example, if the operating surgeon on your case injured you, then they owed you a duty of care and breached it. Then, you'll need to show that you suffered financially as a result.

What are common examples of legal malpractice?

Have you ever felt like the attorney you hired did not handle your case appropriately? It is possible he or she was guilty of legal malpractice. Typically difficult to validate, legal malpractice occurs when an attorney causes harm to the client through careless or irresponsible actions.

Proving malpractice requires evidence that the attorney did not handle your case competently, made a mistake that results in harm and causes a financial loss. Simply losing a case or not delivering a desired outcome is not grounds for malpractice. There must be a clear breach of duty, which is most common in the following examples of legal malpractice.

Could your medications cause a traffic collision?

In 2017, drowsy driving contributed to over 91,000 collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These crashes caused injuries to about 50,000 people and caused almost 800 deaths. Being tired can cause an accident when a driver falls asleep at the wheel, but even if the driver does not fall asleep, being tired can cause impairments that can lead to a collision.

When a drowsy driving collision occurs, some people may assume that the driver stayed up too late the night before or has an untreated sleep disorder, like sleep apnea. However, there can be other causes for a driver’s drowsiness.

Perdue recalls several tons of chicken over found bone pieces

Have you checked what’s in your freezer? If you’re thinking of pulling out some chicken for dinner tonight, you may want to double check the packaging. Chicken producer Perdue has recalled over 30,000 pounds of chicken sold nationwide over the possibility of containing bone pieces.

The recall covers many organic chicken products produced last March with an expiration date of May 20. Perdue specifically recalled the Simply Smart and Chef Quik branded chicken nuggets, tenders and patties. These brands are the specialty gluten free and organic brands for Perdue.

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