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Takata airbag recall: How to check if your car is affected

The Takata airbag problem is far from over. The recently announced recall of 270,000 Mazda vehicles shows that this dangerous situation is still a significant problem for the car industry. Not to mention your safety when you get behind the wheel.

Are you up to date on the details? Here's what you should know about the largest safety recall in U.S. history.

Potential signs of internal bleeding

You go in for surgery and though the doctor says that it went well, you worry that something is wrong. You feel a bit "off" as you start your recovery.

If you have any worry that you're experiencing internal bleeding, perhaps due to mistakes made during surgery, do not hesitate to seek out medical care. This is potentially a very serious situation, and you do not want to delay.

Should you file a legal malpractice claim?

Legal malpractice is just as frustrating as it is damaging. You put your trust in a lawyer and rely on them to help you resolve a pressing issue. When they fail to handle the problem correctly, the result can be devastating. Now the situation grows even worse. Is suing your lawyer the right route? 

Malpractice means that the lawyer failed to use the ordinary skill and care that would be used by other lawyers to handle your unique situation. Not only did they lose your case, but they lost your confidence. 

Bicyclists should choose their helmets carefully

Bicycle helmets are not without controversy. Statistically, helmet use is not the key to reducing bicycling injuries. True safety is far more dependent on things like car speed limits, bike lanes and other bicycle infrastructure. Bicyclists are safest when there are lots of them and motorists consistently factor them into safe driving practices. But if we accept that an accident is going to happen, the rider is much better off wearing a helmet than not wearing one.

The right helmet

Weekends show serious increase in car accident risk

If you want to avoid being involved in a serious car accident, your best course of action may simply be staying off of the roads on the weekends. Judging by the total amount of fatal car accidents per day, the weekends have the highest level of risk by a fair margin.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that 6,802 people died on Saturdays in 2016. That is the deadliest day found in the study. Next comes Friday, with 5,826 deaths in car accidents. That's a sharp drop from Saturday, but it is still the second-highest total. Third is Sunday, with 5,809 traffic fatalities.

How could a PoNS help heal a brain injury?

Healing a brain injury is difficult and sometimes impossible. Researchers are always looking for new methods as we learn more about how the brain works.

One device that has shown promise after a traumatic brain injury is known as a PoNS, or Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator. It goes on your tongue, and it serves as an electrical stimulation device.

Driving angry is dangerous...and expensive

California is home to many wonderful things. The wonders of our state, both natural and man-made, make California a leading vacation destination. Another mark in our favor is a reputation for laid-back attitudes and a willingness to embrace the joys life has to offer. That reputation is earned in many respects, but it does not necessarily extend to California's roads. One study has identified California as the home of the most aggressive drivers in the country.

Take a deep breath

5 tips to help avoid a trench collapse

A trench collapse is dangerous and often fatal for construction workers. It's one of the biggest hazards of the profession, and proper steps must be taken to reduce the likelihood of a collapse. It is important for workers and companies not to get complacent, as all it takes is one mistake for a serious disaster to occur.

So, what can be done to keep a trench from collapsing? Here are five tips that will help:

  • Give workers proper training. Make sure they are competent and that well-trained workers are always on the site when a trench is being used.
  • Following the guidelines already laid out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These include things like avoiding water accumulation, never lifting loads over workers and more.
  • Ensure that a protective system is in place. This is especially important when digging down more than five feet. When in doubt, use the protection.
  • Analyze the soil carefully before the project and during it. Understand exactly how unstable it is and what unique challenges it provides. Never assume that the exact tactics used on one job will work on another, as they could be carried out in very different soil types.
  • Carry out inspections every single day. Even if the trench has been stable, still have it checked daily for any issues or changes. Only proceed with the job once the inspection is complete.

Does anyone want an autonomous motorcycle?

While there are certainly exceptions, many of the cars on the road today were purchased without much thought to the joy of driving them. People want cars to be safe. They want cars to be reliable. Only a small percentage of car buyers are looking for a thrill in driving their vehicles. For the average car buyer, a car that drives itself would be very appealing, provided it did so in a safe and efficient manner.

The same things cannot be said of many motorcyclists. Again, there are exceptions, but many riders care deeply about the joy of personally operating their vehicles. Autonomous driving might not be appealing to a large segment of this population. A different approach will be necessary to serve the interests of motorcycle enthusiasts.

It's high season for inattentive driving

Distracted driving is trending in the wrong direction for safety advocates. Efforts to curb distraction have proven ineffective all across the country. While inattentive drivers are always a problem, they are worse during the summer months according to a recent analysis. Drivers are 10 percent more distracted in June, July and August than they are during the rest of the year.

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