Claims Against Government Entities Involving Police Brutality, Roadway Accidents, Flooding, Landslides And More

When government actors are negligent, they should be held accountable. Victims shouldn't be left without compensation just because their harm happened to be caused by the government rather than a private entity.

Going Up Against The Government Can Be An Uphill Battle

However, even in egregious cases involving significant injuries, seeking compensation from government entities is a complex affair. Claims against both federal and state governments require great attention to detail, as their statute of limitations is much shorter than in personal claims against individuals. They also require determination, in-depth knowledge of the legal process, and extensive experience in personal injury law and civil litigation.

At Ball, Bonholtzer & Evans in Pasadena, California, we have the experience, knowledge and determination to stand up for victims of wrongful government action. We are no strangers to complex, high-stakes cases. Having handled claims against government entities, including class action claims, we have the kind of hands-on experience that is so essential in these cases.

What Kind Of Cases We Handle

Wondering if you have a claim against the government? Turn to our law firm for guidance on:

  • Accidents at schools or public parks, particularly those involving minors
  • Water main breaks, flooding, landslides
  • Accidents on public sidewalks (slip/trip and fall) and other public premises
  • Roadway accidents (poor maintenance, bad design)
  • Police brutality (excessive use of force)
  • Denied or inadequate prison health care
  • Property condemned without notice
  • Any other acts of government negligence or misconduct

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