Where To Turn When A Brain Injury Turns Your Life Upside-Down

Brain injuries leave a lasting mark on victims and their loved ones. For those who survive these injuries, life may never be the same again. Victims are often left with significant cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, loss of motor skills, memory problems and countless other repercussions. They may be unable to work and contribute to the family, much less engage in activities they once enjoyed. Their quality of life may be significantly diminished. Severe cases can lead to a coma or persistent vegetative state (PVS).

On top of the medical ramifications, traumatic brain injuries also take a significant financial toll. The initial injury may result in a mountain of medical bills from hospitalization, surgeries, rehab and treatment. Victims may then need professional in-home care or round-the-clock attention in a skilled nursing facility — perhaps for a lifetime.

At Ball & Bonholtzer in Pasadena, California, we're familiar with the ripple effects of brain injuries and the impact they have on victims and their loved ones financially, emotionally and physically. We handle brain injury cases arising out of all kinds of accidents.