Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claims, Payment Delays And Failure To Investigate

When it's you against your insurance company, you may feel like David tackling Goliath. The insurance company has vast resources — including an entire legal team — on its side. At Ball & Bonholtzer, we can help level the playing field.

Our attorneys have well-established reputations for triumphing in the courtroom. We frequently take on powerful opponents — insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, governments and the like — and have a strong record of success. With our law firm fighting for your interests, you can feel confident that you won't get taken advantage of.

Standing Up Against Insurance Companies

Insurance companies that delay or withhold payment on valid claims (such as faulty construction, weather damage, long-term medical care or auto accidents) may have a history of unfair policy cancellations and/or bad faith practices. You will need an attorney willing to research both your own claim and the past litigation your insurance company has faced to build a strong, comprehensible case for a judge and jury.

For attorneys well-versed in insurance law and who will fight for you, Ball & Bonholtzer should be your first choice in Southern California. Laws and statutes exist to protect consumers from victimization by their insurers, and our firm will see to it that the full power of the law is brought to your defense.

If you are thinking of pursuing legal action against your insurance company, Ball & Bonholtzer can offer legal counsel as well as representation. Your insurer will have a strong legal defense, and you deserve an experienced attorney on your side.

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