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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Follow these 3 tips for safer cycling

Cyclists face serious harm on the roads, even in places like Pasadena, where it's common to see them. A cyclist may be riding in a bike lane and suddenly end up in an accident with a vehicle that pushes too far over, or they could be hit when a vehicle turns right, and the driver doesn't look to see if anyone is in the lane next to them.

Police chase leads to 4 crashes, 1 with injuries

Police pursuits don't always end well, and they can often lead to injuries. Since the police know that pursuing a suspect can lead to collisions, they often stop their pursuits when they're in populated areas. Doing this helps protect the public from injuries caused by accidents due to reckless or dangerous driving behaviors by a suspect.

Victims of crashes should pursue compensation for medical care

Injuries resulting from car crashes can be devastating, and they may cause lifelong symptoms for victims. Some people may lose limbs. Others may suffer traumatic brain injuries. The outcome of each accident is different and threatens the balance of the victims' lives.

Apple wins case but implements safety features to protect drivers

California is a wonderful state with many great qualities. Unfortunately, there are also some bad things that happen here. While the days are warm, and activities are common, that also means that there are higher chances of being injured by drivers if you're a pedestrian in a roadway or parking lot.

Bicyclists should choose their helmets carefully

Bicycle helmets are not without controversy. Statistically, helmet use is not the key to reducing bicycling injuries. True safety is far more dependent on things like car speed limits, bike lanes and other bicycle infrastructure. Bicyclists are safest when there are lots of them and motorists consistently factor them into safe driving practices. But if we accept that an accident is going to happen, the rider is much better off wearing a helmet than not wearing one.

Does anyone want an autonomous motorcycle?

While there are certainly exceptions, many of the cars on the road today were purchased without much thought to the joy of driving them. People want cars to be safe. They want cars to be reliable. Only a small percentage of car buyers are looking for a thrill in driving their vehicles. For the average car buyer, a car that drives itself would be very appealing, provided it did so in a safe and efficient manner.

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