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October 2019 Archives

Has your attorney committed legal malpractice?

When you have a legal issue to address, you likely do not want to try to handle the situation on your own. As a result, you reach out to an attorney who practices the particular area of law that your predicament involves. The initial consultation may have gone well, and you decided to move forward with this attorney in efforts to address your problem.

'Never events' lead to patient injuries: Seek help for your case

Patients have plenty of things to worry about, but one thing that they should not have to fear is a "never event." Never events include several kinds of mistakes that should never occur in a properly managed and well-functioning medical facility.

Did a dangerous product leave you injured? You have options

When you go to the store and buy something, you probably assume that it's safe to use. In fact, you are probably not giving the safety of the product a second thought. This is likely the same for the food you buy from the grocery store and the medication you give your children. In general, you trust that consumer products will not cause you harm.

Fighting for appropriate compensation after a car accident

One moment can change your life forever. If you have suffered serious injuries in a California auto accident, you know how one collision can leave you with debilitating injuries and other consequences that will impact you long-term. Grave injuries often require long-term care, extensive medical support and a lengthy recovery period, and it can be hard to deal with these things on your own. 

Drowsy truck drivers can cause catastrophic accidents

You and many other California residents have likely woken up numerous times in your life wishing that you could get more sleep. While being able to roll over and keep your eyes shut for a few more minutes may have been possible on occasion, it is not a common luxury for individuals who have to get to work. Of course, even though you may not be able to sleep longer, it can still be dangerous to get behind the wheel of a car while feeling drowsy.

How to avoid driving while distracted

Most people know that they shouldn't drive while intoxicated or sleepy. They probably also know that they shouldn't use their cell phones while driving, but many people still do. Distracted driving is a huge problem in many areas and costs people their lives each year.

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