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How can you stay safe in a group motorcycle ride this summer?

This is the time of year when people start thinking about vacations. Beautiful beach days and long nights with friends are part of what makes summer so fun. If you own a motorcycle, the actual travel may be one of the best parts of your vacation.

When you are planning a group ride up the Golden Coast in the coming months, you ought to keep in mind how to make your trip a safe one.

There are several potential dangers in groups

The term “safety in numbers” might not apply when it comes to a band of motorcycles. Adding more riders in a tight pack can increase the risk of problems. Some of the hazards might be that:

  • More riders can potentially block your vision
  • If one person falls, it may cause a chain reaction
  • You all have less space to brake since you are riding close together

Any of these factors may result in an injury. You should know the safest practices for group riding before you get on the road.

What should you do to prepare?

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers tips to make a group ride safe for everyone. Make sure that you:

  • Discuss your route and where you will stop before the trip begins
  • Know hand signals that tell everyone where to go and what to do next
  • If you fall behind in the group, don’t go beyond the speed limit or your abilities to catch up
  • Place veteran riders at the front and back of the group to keep formation
  • Don’t ride directly behind another motorcycle—staggering your formation improves visibility
  • Never ride next to a member of the group—you need room to maneuver in emergencies
  • Have a first-aid kit, tools and cell phones in your group for any problems that arise
  • Get proper rest so that no one is distracted by drowsiness

Going on a long motorcycle trip with your friends should be a fun memory you all share this summer. You don’t want that memory to be of a serious injury instead. Plan carefully and ride safely to make sure your group ride is successful for everyone.

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