Helping Injured Truck Drivers Pursue All Avenues Of Recovery

As a truck driver, you spend countless hours behind the wheel, mile after mile, day after day. Even the most cautious of professional drivers can get into accidents. Suddenly, you're left with life-altering injuries and mounting medical bills, perhaps without a paycheck to get by. In this tumultuous aftermath of an accident, it may seem like nobody is on your side — not your employer, not the others involved in the accident and definitely not the insurance companies.

The good news?

We are on your side. You'll find experienced and supportive advocates at Ball & Bonholtzer, a Pasadena-based injury law firm. We represent truck drivers injured on the job anywhere in the Los Angeles or throughout Southern California.

Level the playing field. When you're dealing with insurance companies, employers and other powerful parties, you need a powerful advocate on your side. Our attorneys have earned respected reputations for their skill and success in the courtroom. At Ball & Bonholtzer, you can feel confident that your rights are in capable hands.

Holding The Right Parties Accountable

Our lawyers understand the complexities of these cases. We can help you navigate the countless intersecting claims that can arise from a single accident, including:

  • Injury claims against negligent third parties (such as contractors, leasing companies and maintenance/repair companies)
  • Product liability claims against manufacturers for defective parts
  • Negligence claims against government entities for dangerous road design or inadequate maintenance
  • Employment claims such as wage and hour violations, whistleblower protection, harassment and retaliation

In truck accident cases, there is often more to the story than first meets the eye. For example, some unscrupulous employers pressure their drivers to cut breaks short and falsify logbooks to avoid delays (and put more money in their own pockets). Perhaps you even objected to these issues but faced only harassment or retaliation in response. When a serious or deadly accident results, employers in these situations should be held accountable.

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