Malnutrition, Serious Injury, Financial Exploitation And Wrongful Death Due To Elder Abuse

At Ball & Bonholtzer, we place the security of your elder family members first. If you believe that an older relative is the victim of abuse or neglect, the primary goal of our firm is to first contact the authorities and ensure that your loved one is protected. Removing them from a potentially harmful environment, whether a nursing home, managed care facility or the home of a malicious caregiver, is essential.

Our firm is committed to stopping the mistreatment of senior citizens, and we will provide you with an experienced civil law attorney who will fight to compensate the wrongs that have been done to your family. We will pursue swift legal action against elderly abuse and neglect, including but not limited to:

  • Dehydration, malnutrition, bedsores and infection caused by negligence or improper care
  • Broken bones and injuries resulting from lax supervision
  • Financial abuse by caretakers, nursing staff, relatives or scam artists
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault

If your elderly relative has been the victim of fatal abuse or neglect, you may also seek compensation with a wrongful death suit. Ball & Bonholtzer will diligently investigate every aspect of your case, bringing to bear years of experience in civil law and our professional reputation as aggressive defenders of those who cannot defend themselves. We will fight to recompense you and your family the dignity you are owed and see to it that those responsible for abuse are brought to account.

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