How Construction Accidents Happen In Dangerous, Dynamic Environments

Construction sites are hubs of movement and activity. Multiple trades may be working at once, surrounded by powerful equipment and dangerous tools, and sometimes at great heights. Staying on schedule adds another layer of pressure and a temptation to cut corners. In these dynamic situations, things can go wrong in the blink of an eye — and with life-altering consequences.

Extensive precautions are essential to protect workers and those passing by. However, even if you adhere to the strictest safety measures, others might not. Just showing up at the construction site day after day means exposure to the shortcuts and shortcomings of other workers in an environment where even the slightest negligence can result in serious injury and even death.

What Makes Us Different — And Gives Our Clients An Edge

At Ball & Bonholtzer in Pasadena, California, we bring a unique and valuable perspective to construction accidents, an area of law where we truly shine. Senior partner Stephen Ball is a former contractor. He combines his experience and knowledge of the industry with proven litigation skills, giving our clients a distinct advantage.

Led by a former contractor-turned-attorney, our eye for the particulars of construction legalities translates into a big leg up for your case.

Understanding Third-Party Injury Claims

Our lawyers handle third-party personal injury claims against those whose negligence contributed to your accident. What exactly does this mean? A single incident can involve many layers of legal responsibility — as well as multiple sources of compensation. For example, depending on the situation:

  • You might have a personal injury claim against another contractor.
  • You might have a products liability claim against the manufacturer of dangerous or defective equipment.
  • You might have a premises liability claim against the site owner (or manager) for failing to address hazardous property conditions.

These claims are in addition to any workers' compensation benefits you may be entitled to receive.

Cases We Handle

We represent construction workers and bystanders in third-party injury claims involving any type of negligence — for example:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations
  • Falls resulting from inadequate protection or defective ladders/platforms/scaffolding
  • Falling objects resulting from lapses in safety precautions
  • Exposure to toxic substances due to improper labeling, storage or training
  • Electrical injuries involving improper lockout/tag-out procedures or other shortcomings
  • Poor supervision
  • Negligent hiring
  • Scheduling errors between contractors and subcontractors that result in dangerous conditions
  • Negligent site management
  • Improper installation or failure of safety equipment
  • Chemical exposure, explosion, electrocution or burns caused by negligence or the use of hazardous materials
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving third-party liability

We understand how to get to the root causes that contributed to the accident. By conducting a thorough investigation — and working with trusted experts in the construction industry — we can build the strong foundation for an ironclad case.

Discuss Your Legal Options During A Free Consultation

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We take injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means all legal fees are waived unless you receive fair and full compensation for your physical or financial injuries.