Dealing With The Financial Burden Of A Catastrophic Injury

In the blink of an eye, through no fault of the innocent driver, a negligent motorist can cause injuries that are not only life changing for the injured party but financially catastrophic for the immediate family.

Studies indicate that 62-65% of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills. We understand the struggles you're facing. At Ball & Bonholtzer, a civil litigation firm in Pasadena, serious injuries have always been a core focus of our practice. We help victims and families across Southern California by seeking full accountability for negligent acts and we can negotiate some breathing room for medical bill payments.

Decades Of Experience With All Types Of Serious Injuries

Ball & Bonholtzer has built its reputation on aggressive, well-researched advocacy. We take on cases without regard to financial standing. Since we handle cases on a contingency fee basis there are no legal fees unless there is a recovery.

Over the years, we have provided legal counsel and litigated for victims of the following severe injuries, among others:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures and other head injuries, including comas and persistent vegetative states (PVSs)
  • Scarring, nerve damage and disabilities caused by accidental burns and electrocution
  • Birth injuries resulting in brain damage and other significant disabilities
  • Back and neck injuries, including damage to the spinal cord resulting in full or partial paralysis, neuralgia and chronic pain
  • Loss of limbs, fingers, toes and other amputations
  • Eye injuries resulting in blindness
  • Serious injuries and illnesses from exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Wrongful death cases

We Work With A Wide Network Of Experts To Build Your Case

As experienced trial attorneys, we have a formidable network of resources to aid in your legal representation. Our in-depth knowledge of injury law, bolstered by trusted independent investigators and medical specialists, will ensure that your legal team is fully prepared to present your case in court.

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