You Deserve Justice After A Drunk Driving Accident

Approximately every two hours, three people die in alcohol-related car crashes, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, the incredible number of drunk driving accidents that happen each year doesn't make it any easier when you or one of your loved ones get hurt. It doesn't matter that countless other families are going through the same trauma. What matters to you is obtaining justice.

Here at the Pasadena trial firm of Ball & Bonholtzer, we will vigorously advocate for the justice and fair compensation that you deserve. We have a strong reputation for helping accident victims like you get their lives back on track. Our lawyers have tried more than 50 superior court cases to verdict and obtained multimillion-dollar results.

Determining The Full Extent Of Your Injuries And Losses

Obvious physical injuries are what you would expect from a drunk driving accident, but neurological damage such as traumatic brain injury is also possible.

At Ball & Bonholtzer, our attorneys collaborate with medical experts to accurately determine the extent of your injuries and ensure the compensation you receive is sufficient for both current and future costs. Depending on your particular situation, you may deserve compensation to cover:

We are also experienced in dealing with Medicare, Medi-Cal and other health care providers. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the system and begin rebuilding your life.

Set Up A Free Consultation At A Time That Works For You

Our convenient Pasadena location and our willingness to meet with you during office hours, after office hours, and even on a weekend mean you can set up an appointment that works for you. Your initial consultation is also completely free, and we offer contingency representation so you won't have to pay attorney fees unless we're successful.

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