Seasoned Advocates Who Understand Plane Crashes

Though rare, aviation accidents rank among the most disastrous catastrophic injury cases. At Ball, Bonholtzer & Evans, we have the ability and experience to investigate aviation accidents and put together the strongest possible representation for their victims or the surviving family members of crashes resulting in death. We also represent cases of U.S. passengers injured abroad and foreign nationals injured in the U.S.

Plane crash can be the result of pilot error. The majority of aviation accidents are attributed to such, but there are mechanical issues that can contribute to the accident as well, including but not limited to: defective aftermarket parts, contaminated fuel and negligent servicing. Ball, Bonholtzer & Evans will thoroughly research the causes of your aviation accident to present a clear, knowledgeable case to a judge or jury.

Our expertise in aviation injury cases is enhanced by the fact that Senior Partner Stephen Ball is an instrument-rated pilot with over 25 years of aircraft experience. His years inside the cockpit as well as his history of successful catastrophic injury cases will give you the advantage of a seasoned advocate on your day in court.

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