Defective Products

Dangerous and Defective Product Lawsuits

Individuals that have experienced loss and/or serious injury as the result of faulty consumer products can contact the attorneys at Ball & Bonholtzer. Our firm specializes in personal injury and consumer protection and it is our conviction that those responsible for dangerous products should be held accountable for damages they have caused or, through negligence, allowed to occur.

The relationship between consumers and producers is built on the trust that a product will function as intended when used correctly. Insufficient safety testing and negligent practices on the part of manufacturers, distributors or retailers can cause injury and even death. In these cases a product lawsuit is required, not only to gain compensation for yourself or a family member involved in wrongful death but also to bring attention to the poor practices on the part of those responsible.

Once Ball & Bonholtzer has accepted your case, we will tirelessly fight to see that justice is done and that you are compensated fairly and fully for your personal injury. Cases in which compensation may be sought for product liability include:

  • Organ damage or failure due to prescription drugs
  • Dangerous malfunction of tools
  • Products with harmful or hazardous packaging material
  • Defective hospital devices including but not limited to pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps
  • Children's toys that cause injury to a child or lead to accidents due to inadequate warnings or instructions
  • Home and lawn equipment with insufficient instructions for safe use or misleading marketing materials