Burn Injuries

Attorneys Handling Burn Injury Cases

Whether caused by fire, scalding, electrocution or dangerous chemicals, burn injuries are excruciating and take years to heal. Residual pain, disfigurement and loss of bodily function are all potential consequences to suffering a severe burn, affecting a victim's ability to hold a job and often resulting in depression.

Ball & Bonholtzer specialize in catastrophic injury cases, committing experienced trial attorneys to the research necessary to ascertain fault in the aftermath of a serious burn incident. By consulting with medical professionals and drawing on our long history of civil litigation, we will build a formidable, comprehensive case for a client that addresses the particulars of his or her injury. We will seek your due compensation for ongoing medical treatment as well as the emotional pain and suffering caused by your injury.

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Your time is valuable and so our firm offers a free, preliminary consultation with an attorney experienced in burn injuries and catastrophic injury cases. We will meet with you at your convenience no matter the hour or day of the week. To schedule an appointment, call our Pasadena offices at 626-817-6453 or email us. Our cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means all legal fees are waived unless you receive fair and full compensation for your physical or financial injuries.