Employment Litigation

California Employment Discrimination and Labor Disputes

Ball & Bonholtzer believes in fighting for its clients. When we accept a case, we don't back down from taking an injustice to court. Our experienced trial attorneys have represented clients involved in employment litigation and have achieved success in the following cases:

  • A Farmers insurance adjuster fired for reporting unfair handling of insurance claims by earthquake victims
  • A Farmers Mold Manager who was sued for reporting corporate corruption
  • A cardiologist facing retaliatory termination by his hospital after filing a complaint about their transplant procedures

Our firm specializes in many kinds of civil litigation and the one constant our clients can count on is a dedication to represent them with the full force of our legal knowledge and in-court experience. It takes both skills to successfully litigate, and in cases of employment disputes that expertise counterbalances the often emotional nature of the suit. We are professional, we are seasoned and we will fight for you.

Ball & Bonholtzer has represented victims of employment violations that include:

  • Title VII employment discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age or religious affiliation, as well as state and local laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • State and federal disability claims
  • Sexual harassment lawsuits and charges of retaliation resulting from harassment claims
  • Whistleblower protection violations, including wrongful termination and defamation of character
  • Wage, hour and overtime disputes
  • Mass torts and class action lawsuits arising from employment discrimination and labor disputes

If you have been unfairly or illegally mistreated at your place of work, contact the employment discrimination attorneys of Ball & Bonholtzer and schedule an appointment for a free legal consultation