Wondering If You Have A Class Action Case?

A group of individuals that have been victimized due to negligence or unethical business practices may have cause to seek compensation through what is known as a class action lawsuit.

These suits are pursued, sometimes in conjunction with multiple law firms, when individually filed suits would be too costly or impractical. Ball & Bonholtzer offers professional legal counsel and experienced courtroom representation to both individuals and groups. Our veteran trial lawyers approach every case with the steadfast dedication to research and aggressive commitment to our clients who have earned us the respect of our California peers.

We have advocated for clients and groups in mass tort cases for:

  • Employment discrimination from large businesses, including major retailers
  • Wage/hour disputes arising from misclassifying employees as supervisors, disqualifying them for overtime pay
  • Failure to include sales tax costs when calculating a natural disaster property damage insurance claim settlement and other negligent or intentional errors on the part of a property insurance adjuster
  • Miscalculation of sales tax or other taxes causing widespread overpayment by consumers and utilities customers
  • Illness or mass injury due to wrongful conduct on the part of a manufacturer (products liability), builder or another business

Ball & Bonholtzer will pursue an out-of-court settlement, but we have no fear of taking a class action suit to court. We will represent you aggressively, bringing all the facts to bear and presenting a solid, comprehensive case to a judge or jury. Most importantly, we charge no out-of-pocket lawyer fees for individual members of the suit. The entity held liable for your damages will also be responsible for paying Ball & Bonholtzer's fees.

Contact Us For Guidance On Your Potential Class Action Suit

You can make an appointment to discuss your legal options today with one of the experienced trial lawyers of Ball & Bonholtzer. Contact our Pasadena office by calling 626-817-6453 or email us using our secure online form. This initial meeting is free of charge and will take place at a time that is most convenient for you.

Our cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means all legal fees are waived unless you receive fair and full compensation for your physical or financial injuries.

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