Representing Victims Of Legal Malpractice

When you hire a lawyer, you trust them to handle your case with care and ethical professionalism. You expect to disclose any conflicts of interest that could impact their ability to represent you. You rely on them to conduct a thorough investigation and in-depth research to support your case. You assume they will file the right documents in the right courts before the deadline expires. Put simply, you place your rights in their hands.

The vast majority of lawyers take their professional obligations seriously. Sometimes, however, they make mistakes or let things slide. Sometimes they're overworked and neglect to properly handle critical components of their clients' cases. In rare cases, particularly unscrupulous attorneys may intentionally sabotage or mishandle a client's case for their own personal gain. In each of these situations, the end result is the same: You're left empty-handed.

Why You Can Turn To Us

If you believe you've been the victim of legal malpractice, let the lawyers at Ball & Bonholtzer evaluate your claim during a free initial consultation. We handle a broad range of legal malpractice cases arising from lawyers' mishandling of:

As you can see, our attorneys have a wide breadth of experience in multiple areas of law, including legal malpractice itself. You can rely on our knowledge and guidance each step of the way.

Why Our Trial Skills Matter

Proving a legal malpractice claim often requires proving the underlying case that your former lawyer mishandled. Excellent courtroom skills are critical for conducting this "trial within a trial." With significant records of success in court — including multimillion-dollar verdicts for our clients in legal malpractice claims — our lawyers are well-equipped to present a compelling case.

Additionally, we are among the few law firms that represent both lawyers and former clients. This has given us experience on both sides of the court and allows us to offer deeper, more insightful litigation strategies to our clients.

Learn more about legal malpractice claims by visiting our page on frequently asked questions.

Discuss Your Rights And Options With A Member Of Our Firm

Ball & Bonholtzer offers a free initial consultation to all potential clients. Call our office in Pasadena, California, at 626-817-6453 or email us to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys and discuss your options for pursuing a legal malpractice case. We know that your time is valuable and are willing to meet at a time that is most convenient for you, whether before hours, after hours or even on a weekend.

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