Representing Victims Of Legal Malpractice

It is the duty of every lawyer to represent his or her client in an ethical, professional manner, and nearly every lawyer does so. There are times, however, when an unprepared attorney fails to serve the client appropriately and, in rarer cases, purposefully damages a client's chance for fair compensation.

If you believe you are the victim of legal malpractice, let Ball & Bonholtzer evaluate your claim in a free initial consultation. Our Pasadena law firm is one of the few firms that represents both lawyers and former clients in legal malpractice and negligence cases. This has given us experience on both sides of the court and allows us to offer deeper, more insightful litigation strategies to our clients.

Our accomplishments in malpractice litigation include multimillion-dollar verdicts for our clients.

What Counts As Legal Malpractice?

Even great lawyers can lose cases, and losing is not grounds for a legal malpractice suit. However, incompetent or malicious representation will provide grounds for a case. Legal malpractice can include:

  • Neglect, such as insufficiently investigating the case, letting the statute of limitations expire or failing to consult with appropriate experts
  • Intentional wrongdoing such as committing fraud, mishandling a client's money/breach of fiduciary duty, libeling a client or violating someone's civil rights
  • Conflict of interest issues, such as representing two opposing parties at the same time
  • Administrative mistakes such as errors in legal documentation
  • Substantive mistakes involving lack of sufficient legal knowledge

Let's Talk Today About Your Potential Case

Ball & Bonholtzer offers a free initial consultation to all potential clients. Call us at 626-817-6453 or email us to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys and discuss your potential legal malpractice case. We know that your time is valuable and are willing to meet at a time that is most convenient for you, whether before hours, after hours or even on a weekend.

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