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Coping with the loss of a loved one after a wrongful death

Dealing with the loss of a loved one, especially when caused by wrongful death, can be one of the most difficult things to endure in life. There are plenty of options out there to help you cope with the loss, but not all of them work for everyone. Here are some tips for coping with the loss of a loved one following a wrongful death in California.

You need to open up about your loved one and talk about him or her as much as possible following the loss. Talking about the loved one and the situation helps your emotions and coming to grips with the situation. If you put yourself into denial, you will make the grieving process much worse than it should be for you and those around you.

Importance of a trucking log to an accident investigation

Accidents involving trucks can be incredibly tragic. These vehicles are the largest on the roads of California. When you combine their size with speed, it can lead to devastating results.

To reconstruct the accident and events leading up to it, investigators and attorneys often turn to the trucking log. Truck drivers are legally required to fill out log books each time they operate the rig. This is governed by Chapter 395 of the regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Even a simple mistake in a log can lead to an investigation by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Did your lawyer miss a deadline that hurt your case?

When it comes to pursuing a lawsuit, the deadlines and due dates associated with your case are the law. If you fail to meet one, it could render an excellent lawsuit ineffective.

Indeed, it doesn't matter if your doctor fell asleep during surgery or if you a drunk driver hit you while you were riding your bike in a law abiding fashion, if you miss a vital deadline, you could lose your case to pursue financial damages. In a lot of cases, if you miss a deadline, it will be the fault of the lawyer representing you.

What is the social host ordinance in Pasadena?

Social host ordinances are becoming more common throughout the country as cities strive to hold people responsible for providing alcohol to minors or allowing minors to drink alcohol.

According to a recent survey by Day One, an organization focused on alcohol, tobacco and marijuana prevention among minors and young adults, there are three places where minors most frequently access alcohol. These three places are at the minor's home, at parties and from friends.

How can I file a lawsuit against a public entity?

Maybe you slipped and fell on a patch of icy stairs outside of city hall. Perhaps you were in a car accident where the at-fault party was driving a county truck while working. If the city or the county refused to pay for your medical expenses and other damages, can you file a lawsuit against either entity?

In California, you must abide by the California Tort Claims Act in order to sue a public entity. This legislation states that any lawsuit for monetary damages must be preceded by a written claim within six months of the incident/accident date.

Many nurses fail to warn new mothers of serious risks

The birth of a baby is a momentous event, rightly capturing the attention of everyone present. Because infants are helpless to care for themselves, it also makes sense that a significant amount of time is spent educating new mothers on how to care for their newborns.

However, a new study highlights a concerning fact: many nurses aren’t educating new mothers on how to care for themselves.  

Tragic, 6-car accident kills 1, injuries 4

A deadly chain-reaction collision happened on the 605 Freeway in Industry at around 2 a.m. last Sunday. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the fatality was a man who was on the side of the road, not in a vehicle.

The call came in a couple of minutes before 2 a.m., about a vehicle that was disabled and in the carpool lane. The initial report said that the vehicle had hit the center divider. Just three minutes passed and a new call came in stating that another vehicle struck the disabled one. By the time CHP go on the scene, there were four more vehicles involved in the crash.

You don't have to decide on prostate cancer treatment instantly

You've heard the reports about prostate cancer treatment. You know that surgery, while most common, does increase your risk of unwanted side effects, pain and suffering, and even medical mistakes and malpractice. You also know that some studies have found that older men who don't get any treatment have roughly the same outcomes as those who do have surgery.

You've been diagnosed, and now you're not sure what to do. Should you have surgery? What options are there? Is it wise to do nothing, or are you just putting yourself at greater risk?

Number of legal malpractice claims stabilize

According to a study by Ames & Gough, an insurance broker, the number of new legal malpractice claims have stabilized; however, it is still higher than before the recession from 2007 to 2009.

This is the seventh time the insurance broker has looked at the trend, gathering information from nine professional liability insurance carriers for lawyers. Those nine carriers provide legal malpractice insurance to about 80 of the top 100 law firms. Here are some of the findings in the study.

  • The number of severe claims was high. This is something seen for the past few years. Six of the insurers report that they have had at least 21 claims. The same number of insurers paid a claim of $50 million or more in the past two years. One claim was over $100 million.
  • The primary cause of claims remains conflict of interest, which is the same primary cause found each time the insurance broker has done the survey.
  • The cost of defending such claims is getting more expensive. All nine of the insurers said that legal malpractice defense costs are rising. Eight said that it costs more than $50,000. Two insurers said that their average costs to defend a case is over $500,000. The reason for the rise in costs? The complexity of the claims and e-discovery.
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