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California law firm faces $11 million malpractice lawsuit

A group of franchised coffee shops has filed a legal malpractice suit against the law firm Dady & Gardner. The suit claims that the law firm offered incompetent legal advice, which resulted in irreparable harm to the business of the coffee shops. Allegedly, the law office billed $5 million in legal fees and then abandoned the case three weeks before a crucial hearing.

The Dady & Gardner firm responded that the malpractice suit against them was surprising and disappointing. The firm further claimed that it met its professional responsibilities, and had successfully represented thousands of franchisees since beginning its business in 1994. The firm also mentioned that it is ranked as one of the top franchisee law firms in the United States. The senior partner of the firm claims that he had to remove himself from the case due to a serious medical condition.

Want to survive in traffic? Unlearn these 3 bad driving habits.

When you're out driving, the hazards in your vicinity aren't the only dangers that you need to avoid. Sometimes, the most dangerous roadway factors originate within your own vehicle. These common bad driving habits have the potential to put your life in jeopardy, so retrain your brain to avoid them at all costs.

Do you trust self-driving cars?

There are several companies trying to be the first to have their self-driving cars available to the public. While we are still a few years away from seeing this yet, a study by Deloitte in 17 countries of 22,000 found that most people simply don't trust the companies that are trying to develop the cars.

With all of the recalls on millions of automobiles over the last few years, it was surprising to learn that 47 percent of those surveyed said that traditional car manufacturers would be the ones that they would trust to develop self-driving vehicles. A third of those surveyed did say that a new company would be trusted.

Bill would permit bicyclists to coast through stop signs

More people than ever are now choosing to leave their vehicles parked in their driveway or simply go without one, opting instead to take public transportation, go by foot or use their bicycle. While the reasons for doing this vary -- saving money, reducing carbon footprint, getting more exercise, etc. -- there's no doubt that this increase in both pedestrians and bicyclists has created real tension with motorists.

Indeed, this is especially true in the case of bicyclists and motorists, as the two sides appear to be locked in an unending argument about which side is more likely to disobey traffic laws and endanger the safety of others.

Pasadena can't claim immunity for child's brain damage

The second division Court of Appeal reversed an earlier ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on May 4, 2017. The lower court's judge had previously decided that the City of Pasadena enjoyed immunity in the case of a young boy who was struck by an errant golf ball and suffered resulting brain injury at the city's Brookside Golf Course.

The young boy's mother was pushing him in his stroller along a walkway nearby the golf course's 15th hole in September of 2011 when he was struck in the head by the ball. He was taken to Children's Hospital at the time the incident occurred and was later transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena after he was determined to have suffered a brain injury.

California Deparment of Public Health fines hospital

In March 2014, a woman from China had a cesarean section at Garden Grove Hospital in Garden Grove, California. According to an investigative report by the California Department of Public Health (DPH), shortly after the birth, the woman began to bleed profusely.

The DPH report stated that "Systemic failures and deficient practices" were responsible for failing to treat the woman's severe postpartum hemorrhage. The woman died. The man and woman had come to the United States from China for the birth so that they could have the best care.

Reasons for wrong-way car accidents

Few accidents are as dangerous as a wrong-way accident on an interstate. For one thing, unlike standard head-on collisions -- already very dangerous in their own right -- drivers don't expect oncoming traffic on a divided highway. Additionally, these roads tend to have higher speed limits, and drivers will often break even those high limits. That could lead to a crash with two cars driving directly at one another at 70 miles per hour.

These frequently fatal wrecks happen for a number of reasons. One is certainly driver impairment, according to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board. This impairment could be due to drugs or alcohol. Impaired drivers may be more likely to drive up an exit ramp, thinking it's an entrance ramp and not knowing they've made a mistake until they're in traffic.

Medical expenses stemming from fatal motor vehicle accidents

Fatal motor vehicle accidents happen all too often on the roads of California. The roads have become a dangerous place due to high rates of speed and the distractions for drivers these days. Fatal motor vehicle accidents do not just impact the victim, but also the victim's family, friends, other motorists and passengers. These accidents can cost victims and their families thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

A fatal motor vehicle accident leaves a long line of sadness in its wake, no matter when the victim actually passes from his or her injuries. For those who die during the accident, the family is left to wonder what happened and why it happened. For those who die following the accident, after a lengthy stay in the hospital, the family will be left with thousands of dollars of medical expenses.

What's more distracting, your phone or your kids?

If you're going to try to avoid distracted driving, you have a lot of hurdles in front of you. Some distractions are easier to avoid than others. It's not hard to skip the drive-thru so that you don't eat behind the wheel or turn your cellphone off until you arrive at your destination.

But what if your kids at the distraction?

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